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Revised Final Exam Schedule

To view the exam schedule, click here.

Yearbook Pickup Information

Starting Wednesday, the 2015 AHS yearbook will be handed out to those who pre-ordered a copy (we’re currently sold out).
To see the distribution schedule, click here.

Vanderbilt University Road Show in Raleigh

This ninety-minute program typically features a media presentation led by admissions officers, a question-and-answer session, and alumni, current students, or Vanderbilt parents as speakers.
The road show will be held on Monday, June 8. For times, location, and to register, click here.

Apex HS Graduation 2015 Newsletter

For all information regarding graduation for the class of 2015, click here.

Summer STEM Courses

To learn about and apply for the North Carolina School of Science and Math summer accelerator courses for 7-12th graders, click here.

Apex Friendship High School

For information regarding Apex Friendship High School, please click here.

College and Scholarship Section

Click here for a full list of college visits and scholarship opportunites. Check the Apex High School Counselors Web site for a thorough listing of opportunities.